Telecom Internship

To work in a challenging capacity in a reputable business concern for the mutual benefit of the organization and mine.

Bac + 5 et plus : DEA, DESS, mastère, MBA...
Entre 1 et 3 ans d'expérience

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Telecom Engineer
 Preliminary Acceptance Test (PAT) and LOS investigation of microwave links.
 Clearing all internal and external alarms via Ericsson OMT, removing all dc urgent & dc minor alarms.
 Monitor internal & external alarms in RBS for Ericsson 2G & 3G sites via Ericsson OSS.
 Support the O&M teams for many problems of 2G, 3G cabinets and solving problems of Ericsson High Capacity and Traffic Node.
 Responsible for a region to clear all the alarm that appears and follow with Ericsson maintenance teams to clear alarms.
 Generating Outage report for down sites and pending alarms.

Comm. Engineer
 Installation & Commissioning of Siemens RAN Hit 7030 & Hix 5625 for upgrading access broadband network kingdom wise.
 Configure new MSAN (Siemens Hix 5635) and testing various IP-TV, VoIP, and Streaming video features on site during downtime.
 Monitoring of various out-door RANs through TNMS-M and TNMS-C Client in STC (NOC).
 Configure MSAN via remote ACI (Access Integrator) making Vlan id`s, IP addresses and assigning ports etc.
 Testing of various cards including Fast Ethernet, 2 Mbit etc. through packet tracer and SDH analyzer.

MSc. Wireless Networks & Electronics - Linkoping University

Matrîce des compétences
CompétenceNb.Année(s) d'expérienceDernière UtilisationNiveau
C LanguageEntre 1 et 3 ans d'expérience< 6 moisMoyen
Linux, UnixEntre 1 et 3 ans d'expérience< 6 moisMoyen
Microsoft Office PackageEntre 1 et 3 ans d'expérience< 6 moisAvancé
Telecom SoftwareEntre 1 et 3 ans d'expérience< 6 moisAvancé

Maîtrise Linguistique
Niveau Oral : Courant
Niveau Ecrit : Courant


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