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WCM Global Champion for Reliability (AM/PM using TPM – JIPM Model) (H/F)

Référence : 550885
Date de dépot : 04/01/2018
Entreprise : Isover

Description :

Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, designs, manufactures and distributes building materials, providing innovative solutions to meet growing demand in emerging economies, for energy efficiency and for environmental protection. Saint-Gobain is a welcoming, solid, open-minded company that offers long-term career opportunities.

With 9 225 employees in 39 countries, The Insulation Activity designs, develops and markets products and solutions for thermal and acoustic building insulation. Itls line of products made from mineral wool (glass wool and stone wool), polystyrene foam, polyurethane and most recently, wood fiber, are mainly aimed at the residential and commercial building markets.

Expertise in Reliability (AM/PM using TPM – JIPM Model) and some other WCM fields (e.g. Health & Safety, Customer Focus & Service, Cost Deployment, Focus Improvement, 5S - Visual Management - Respect of Standards, ...)

As Expert define the Model(s) of Excellence in Reliability, according to Pillar Structure model

When approved by WCM Director of Insulation Activity:

  1. to plan/design/check/adjust the content of the Activity Standard of the related Training module(s), including:

  • the training sessions contents (with presentation, activities, detailed agenda ...)
  • the required Activity Standards (e.g. Guidelines, Templates ...)
  • the to-do list of deployment
  • assess the level of understanding in the Champions Pillars by the use of examinations
  • assess the level and Quality of implementation in the Champions Pillar

using “Learning by doing" & using coaching principles to develop people to achieve their maximum potential.

  1. to teach and train the WCM Country Champions

Which requires for the WCM Global Champion:

  • a deep knowledge of Activity Methods and Tools, proved by a practical usage

  • regular feedbacks to the Operation Directors

  • and propose the international training calendar to bring participants at the expected level

  1. to present to Operation Directors the level of expectation from the Activity about

  • each WCM Role

  • the Roadmap of WCM deployment within a  plant

  1. to coach the WCM Country Champions

About the fulfilment of their WCM role to make them as efficient as possible for the WCM deployment

  • during on-site "follow-up" meetings

  • monitoring progress using Activity Web Project Management tool

  • during meeting reviews with Operation Directors

  1. to audit  that the work is done according to the to-do list of deployment

  • To proactively support, and coach, the WCM Country Champions achieve the desired standards

  • If not the case, define "why" with the WCM Country Champions and define the appropriate countermeasures with the WCM Country Champions and Operation Directors

  1. to define, share and promote best practices throughout the Activity

  • To keep up to date on best practice within SG

  • To be aware of progress in other Activities and where these can be applied in Insulation Activity

  • To keep abreast of the latest developments in Continuous Improvement Techniques outside of SG and assess applicability to Insulation Activity

As System Auditor:

  • To maintain consistency between all Activity Standards, by sustaining his level of knowledge about the others training modules content

  • To perform the related SG WCM Audits, by assessing that the Countries Teams reach the fixed WCM goals

  • To check and adjust the alignment of Activity Auditors practices in his WCM field(s) of expertise

Profil recherché
Profil recherché :

Education :

  • High qualification in a technical degree,

  • Subject matter expertise in the various principles and practices of WCM / Lean,

  • Solid experience on the foundations and pillars of WCM,

  • Solid experience in operations,

  • Experience in training, coaching and motivation techniques,

  • Successful completion of WCM Instructor Course


Skills and Abilities :

  • Safety :

    • SMAT trainer or coach,

    • Risk Assessment trainer or coach,

    • Ability to perform Audits on the SG Safety Standards.

  • WCM Lean Methods and Tools :

    • Ability to develop problem solving capacities of the Team members,

    • Practitioner of WCM improvement projects,

    • WCM basic tools trainer or coach.

  • Loss Systems :

    • Fully understand the concept of Cost Deployment and zero losses.

    • Stratification trainer or coach.

  • Communication :

    • Ability to speak, read and write fluent English,

    • Ability to adapt his/her way of doing to the various mindset and cultural attitudes,

    • Ability to motivate people,

    • Ability to develop good working relationships,

    • Ability to design educational training modules,

    • Ability to train and influence experienced managers in new techniques

    • Ability to teach by coaching.


Expérience : Plus de 10 ans d'expérience
Lieu de la mission : Île-de-France - LA DEFENSE CEDEX
Poste(s) disponible(s) : 1
Poste de cadre : Oui
Contrat : CDI
Début de la mission : 04/01/2018

Nom de l'entreprise : Isover
Site Web : https://www.isover.fr
Adresse : 1 rue Gardénat Lapostol
92282 Suresnes

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